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Top 10 Essential Oils for Cold Weather

CINNAMON BARK ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OIL: This spicy Essential Oil has an exotic, intense aroma that is often reminiscent of baking and other heartening memories. Its warm, subtly woodsy and earthy scent has a brightening and uplifting effect on the mood and is reputed to ease feelings of stress. It has been said to promote relaxation, which not only leads to restful sleep but that is also believed to have potential as an aphrodisiac.

OREGANO ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OIL: This Essential Oil’s strong scent is spicy, herbaceous, and camphoraceous – characteristic of the herb from which it is derived. It exudes a warm and woodsy but fresh aroma that has a lively yet calming quality, which helps to balance the emotions as well as clear and energize the mind, making it especially ideal for use during spiritual practices. 

THYME ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OIL: The strong, penetratingly hot aroma of this herbaceous Essential Oil is reputed to soothe negative feelings, including stress, anxiety, anger, and fatigue. Its stimulating property helps to increase focus, emotional strength, determination, courage, and a positive outlook by encouraging an uplifting sense of relaxation and serenity.

MARJORAM ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OIL: The warm, heady, and sedative aroma of this spicy Essential Oil has nuances of sweetness that is said to invigorate as well as to promote feelings of calmness, inner balance, and mental clarity. By helping to release strong negative feelings of emotional tenseness, whether it is caused by sadness, fear, panic, irritability, or grief, Marjoram Oil is reputed to encourage both physical and mental rest.

ROSEMARY ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OIL: The fresh quality of Rosemary Oil’s woodsy and herbal aroma makes it uplifting and stimulating, properties that make it ideal for enhancing the mood and increasing cerebral activity as well as focus. This strong oil is reputed to encourage feelings of boldness, energy, and freedom.

JUNIPER BERRY ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OIL: The sweet – sometimes bittersweet – and woodsy aroma of Juniper Berry Oil has a fresh, crisp quality that inspires a sense of cleanness and purity when diffused indoors. Its calming and sedative effects, which help to comfort the mind and body, help create favorable conditions that support a spiritual mindset, making it ideal for use during prayer, meditation, and at any time that comfort and calm are needed.

GINGER ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OIL: The warming and energizing qualities of this woody, spicy, and earthy Essential Oil have earned it the nickname the “Oil of Empowerment.” As this name suggests, it is reputed to help replace feelings of weakness, timidity, and stagnation with zeal and fortitude. Ginger Oil is said to be helpful for managing mood fluctuations that are sudden and volatile, making it beneficial for those who suffer from emotional imbalance. The invigorating quality of Ginger Oil also makes it valuable for addressing low libido and an inability to maintain concentration.

BLACK PEPPER ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OIL: This Essential Oil has a dry, musky, spicy, and – naturally – peppery aroma that is reputed to energize the mind, stimulate circulation, and warm the skin. It is said to be beneficial for supporting general emotional wellness. With a fresh, crisp quality, the aroma of this oil can be diffused to enhance mental focus, clarity, and endurance. Furthermore, it is believed to function as a “truth serum” of sorts, as its aroma is said to promote the ability to reflect on thoughts, feelings, experiences, and behaviour patterns with sincerity, fairness, and conscientiousness.

CARDAMOM ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OIL: The sweet and spicy fragrance of this rich and “exotic” Essential Oil leaves an alluring woodsy trail that is soothing, grounding, and fortifying to the mind. The calming effect of its sensual and seductive aroma helps to uplift the mood, boost energy levels, improve attentiveness, reduce fatigue, anxiety, and stress, and promote emotional stability. It is said to enhance the libido, which also makes it a common ingredient in aphrodisiac Essential Oil blends.

CLOVE BUD ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OIL: The strong, spicy, and woodsy yet faintly bitter aroma of this warming Essential Oil is evocative of but stronger than the Clove Buds from which it is derived. Its brisk and quickening quality is reputed to help inspire mental clarity for feelings of greater focus and being emotionally-centered. With an uplifting effect on the mood, it is also said to be helpful for inspiring feelings of courage.

Top 6 Essential Oils For Fighting

  1. Eucalyptus Oil

  2. Lavender Oil

  3. Frankincense Oil

  4. Peppermint Oil

  5. Lemon Oil


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